Onsite Generation & Storage

With many years of experience in contracts and managerial experience in the industry, across North Sea gas supply, electricity generation and trading, Mainline Energy can offer our client well informed and focussed supply contract and asset management services.

These tasks include the risk-management and value optimisation of the end-user’s energy purchase portfolio as well as the commercial evaluation or future management of alternative energy supplies, such as onsite generation, commercial response grid batteries or emergency-resilience battery storage projects. These are each outlined in the next section.

On request, we may tailor a flexible and cost-effective retainer service, dedicated to the client. This may cover general industry intelligence, energy trading strategy, market research as well as cost-saving actions and initiatives, which we relay through our Energy Highlights reports, News Flash and Triad Price warnings.

Users will also have the benefit of our ‘on call’ support line for specific advice and  commercial operations support, which such clients can use whenever they need to.

The Retainer service is designed to be flexible as well as cost-effective for the client and it is generally renewed every three months, at the client’s bequest.

In the case of larger, electro-intensive users (typically those with annual energy spends in excess of GBP 1,000,000) our retainer service may include our own Energy Efficiency Health Check. Simply to make sure that the end-user has exploited every one of the ‘easy win’ cost savings options and verify that no clear over payment or penalty I being incurred in respect of capacity charges, commodity charges or both.

This Health Check can be carried out while assessing – whether or not – an energy cost saving onsite battery, which might also enhance security of supply, is worth exploring further. The Commercially Optimised Resilience (CORâ„¢) battery is discussed in further detail in the section adjacent – Onsite Generation and Storage

Each Health Check involves our appointed technical experts ‘scanning’ the client’s energy purchase information with a view to ‘unearthing’ potential savings regarding commodity costs; capacity costs; demand side response (DSR); or any commercial potential in generating onsite electricity.