Gas & Electricity Purchasing

Last Call Energy Quote – Lowest Price Finder and Connect

Mainline Energy has corporate agency agreements in place with Big Six and major independent producers and often able to improve on any industrial or commercial renewal quote currently held; both blue tariff and green tariff energy.

Our Last Call price finder platform frequently undercuts alternative contract renewal prices.  As well as working on a minimal commission rate, we can frequently cut the energy supply price further still. Additionally, we offer an Agency Trading/OTR platform service which can be used to reduce energy bills further for larger, electro-intensive users. This service is outlined further down this page. We generally seek to secure the most favourable deals for all clients through our day-to-day involvement in the market and our industry contacts which cover the trading floors of major producers and energy merchants.

The vast majority of end-users will wish to continue buying electricity off the contract market and also recognise value in buying off a reputable Big Six or major independent power generator. The Last Call price-finder platform which Mainline Energy has pioneered itself is available to any end-user. This alternative brokerage service, for which there is no change for the last or first call buyer, could deliver an immediate and possibly significant sized energy bill saving for the end-user who contacts us.

We then simply relay back to the end-user the lowest p/kWh power price we can find in our supply pool, also the seller’s identity and full details of the deal itself. Then leave it to the end-user to decide on whatever new supplier to contract with.

Under our Last Call offer, we simply put you in contact with the most competitive offer we find within our supply pool of physical power generators. It will not be a third party intermediary or one of the ‘new suppliers’ out there who can add excess commission or who may not have control over your final supply either.

To try out our Last Call™ price finder, you may simply phone us on 01626 337 380 and/ or e-mail us with your meter point reference numbers, renewal date, annual volume; also any load-shape or other data you may wish to send; such data helps us with our search but it is not a  prerequisite.  We will endeavour to find you the lowest and most reliable electricity supply alternative in the quickest timeframe possible and leave it for you to decide there and then.

However late you wish to leave it, our Last Call price finder may save your company time and money, significantly shaving your long-term energy costs, all for the price of a phone call.