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Mainline Energy is a consultancy and appointed UK broker of gas and electricity.

With over 25 years experience working on major infrastructure and trading projects across the petroleum, natural gas and electricity fields, we can offer comprehensive and well informed expertise to help our client to optimise the value of their energy purchase and  asset portfolios.

To contact us initially just call 0845 619 10 90 or send an e-mail to


We also operate our own, ‘last minute’ brokerage platform called Last Call. Last Call is essentially a cost free price finder. There is no fee or other commitment expected of the buyer. The Last Call platform is a highly efficient price-finding system, sourcing from a deep liquidity pool across OTC and contract markets and operating on a trace profit margin. We can invariably improve the last renewal offer an end-user may currently hold.

Handing users a significant long-term financial saving and at no cost, whether or not we are instructed for any wider consultancy assignment.

As well as purchasing cost savings, Mainline Energy can help clients extract value from their energy assets, covering the existing energy purchase contract portfolio to the estate itself, where onsite generation, storage and other areas which will add net value to the business can be explored.

We can also offer energy trading advice and market research: from initial M&A and site project assessment, due diligence and commercial modelling through to the deal execution or delivery of turn-key projects relating to infrastructure or micro-grid investments.

Generally, we will tailor a dedicated and cost-effective energy consultancy service specifically for a client, either on a retainer basis where significantly reduced rates will apply or alternatively on an ad hoc basis, as and when instructed.